Temporary Staffing

This is our service that dispatches personnel with the necessary skills at the necessary time.
When human resources with expertise and certain skills are required due to maternity or childcare leave periods, or temporary increases in the occupational season, we can fill those needs with just the personnel required.

Temporary to permanent placement

We set up a temporary staffing period on the premise of direct employment, and if the two sides agree after the term is over, we will create an employment contract. Since the situation can be verified throughout the staffing period, this method effectively prevents employment mismatch for both job seekers and companies.

Recruitment Support

We respond to a wide range of human resourcing needs, including personnel with expertise and skills directly connected to corporate strategy, and U-turn / I-turn human resources who can bring new ideas based on experience gained in urban areas. This service is based on the pay-per-success model that does not incur costs until the recruitment decision has been made.


Whether you need business management or personnel management, you can leave it all to us. We handle a wide range of needs such as administrative processing, personnel recruitment agencies, reception, and more.

Training and Assessment

We provide a wealth of training programs using various assessment tools in order to develop the capacity and possibilities of personnel.

Outplacement Service

This service covers the whole range of relevant needs, from planning the preparation stage of employment to the re-employment of retirees.

Human Resources Consulting

Our consulting services are highly effective in optimizing the skills of each employee in order to enhance and utilize his or her capabilities according to the business environment and requirements.