Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our ultimate mission is to maximize the employment opportunities for all the qualified job seekers by working together with them and the client companies and by extracting the best qualities out of those job seekers. We are in the process of expanding our business scopes in all the fields of human resources-related services, with the consulting services as a core, to further upgrade our business services to a higher plane.


CRIE coordinates to fully meet the needs and requirements of customers and clients

CRIE's mindset is to always think about what and how we can contribute to better the livelihood of the people around us, including our valued clients, through our human resource businesses.
Based on this mindset, we put emphasis in creating new opportunities and values for all our stakeholders. Our mission is to make all the possible efforts to contribute to fully meeting the needs and requirements of our valued customers and clients.


CRIE pursues the highest quality in Japan in services it provides in the human resource business.

We think that our performance should be measured by the quality of services that we provide to our valued customers and clients. Our vision is to become the highest quality human resource services provider in the industry by maximizing our human qualities themselves to always get full support from our customers and clients because of the quality services we provide.


Our values are:

Quality and Speed

The essence of services we offer is quality and speed.
Quality brings out satisfaction from customers and speed creates value.

Think Win-Win

The only way to establish a permanent business relationship based on mutual trust is to think Win-Win for all the people involved. Honesty and faithfulness are the key elements in our doing business.

Three Elements of Courage

We believe the three elements of courage are essential in making continuous innovations --- To deny ourselves, boldly take on challenges, and assume responsibilities for the consequences.
Only having these three elements of courage, we can progress to make innovations for the future.

Joy and Excitement

True joy and excitement can be only achieved through the "real" professional work we do.
We value the culture in which we as well as our customers and clients can share such joy and excitement through the services we provide.

Shared Objectives

We believe business should be driven through individual initiatives and participation with common shared objectives.